Kish Island: an Outstanding Free-trade Zone

Kish Island: an Outstanding Free-trade Zone

If you are looking forward to having an exhilarating experience, a close up adventure at history, taste amazing cuisine, or explore the coral reefs of Persian Gulf under water or eager to sunbathing in the golden pleasant beach, Kish Island is a marvelous package which is one of the best destination to jaunt in Iran.

If you are looking forward to having an exhilarating experience, a close up adventure at history, taste amazing cuisine, or explore the coral reefs of Persian Gulf under water or eager to sunbathing in the golden pleasant beach, Kish Island is a marvelous package which is one of the best destination to jaunt in Iran.

Where exactly is Kish Island?

In this article, we introduces all places you must visit in Kish Island.
Kish Island is one of the most luxurious and developed Island among others in Iran. In Persian Gulf, this island is one of smaller but most attractive one.
Kish is a 91 kilometer spot which is covered by gorgeous beaches where tourists are able to go swimming in crystal clear water of the Persian Gulf.

Why do I insist on Persian Gulf?

This sea in western part of Asia historically and internationally known as the "Persian Gulf. International Hydrographic Organization named this water as "Gulf of Iran" which has the world's oldest known civilization developed along the Persian Gulf and southern Mesopotamia.
Kish Island is a free-trade zone that is foreign tourist do not need visa for up to 14 days. In spite of the excellent perspective, Persian hospitality in this area may be the first thing to draws tourist attention. It goes without saying that summer weather is sweltering, therefore, in accordance of experience, the best month to visit are between November and March.



What to do in Kish Island?

•    Harirah: The Ancient City
If you are intrigued in history, Harireh the Ancient City is satisfactory place in Kish Island. During visit, the north part of this beautiful Island beside the Olympic Complex you can see a monumental historic desolation area which is said that eminent Persian Poet Sa’adi mentioned the same city in his book, “Golestan”. The Mosque, a palatial house, a bath-house and the historic port and its work ships would be a part of ancient agriculture’s glimpse in this Island. It is estimated to have been one of the greatest visit for tourist in this part of the world. It is worth noting that excavation of this ancient place fulfilled by Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and tourism Organization. Harireh City in those flourishing time was one of most major place in Persian Gulf.


•    Garden of deers
Do you intend to teach your children how to be friend with nature and animals? So, pack your baggage and travel to the most beautiful Islands in Persian Gulf.
Garden of deers is a 2 hectare venue which is a territory of deer, fox, monkey and different birds but the domain species are deers and is the main reason to name it “garden of deers”.



•    Kariz Underground City
Not only Is Kish a well-known tourist destination, it is also has great history. Due to water deficiency in many parts of Iran, “Qanat system” was built to supply drinking water by Iranian ancient. Kariz Underground City was an essential part for survival in this xerothermic climate. It is a hydraulic water methode includes perpendicular wells along gentle steep. Subterranean city is one of the most singular features of this island which is a colossal set of tunnels. Visitors are able to take a walk through its tunnels and enjoy an up-close view of this system. The kariz of Kish is stated to have been built nearly 2500 years ago by the residents of Harireh city. We talked more about Hariereh above. Collection, purification, and storage were main reasons of building this magnificent structure.


•    Water Sports
What is your favorite water sport? Whether you are after swimming, riding jet ski, yatching, parasailing, diving, water skiing, Snorkeling, all that jazz are common in Kish Island azure water. These activities are followed by tanned Iranian man and woman. As a matter of fact, surf culture in every corners of the world are the same. Soaking your body in water is just a ticket in scorching weather. According to Iran’s Law Book, Hijab is required on this free zone land but it should be noted that swim cap is all right. Bear in mind, there is a saying in English: “when in Rome, do as the romans do”. The sky is the limit to experience other activities in this beautiful Island. Kish Island provides tourist with the best opportunity to stay in the cozy resorts and enjoy the warm climate of the region. Tourists stay and enjoy the warm climate of the region and have best opportunity to experience all the water sports right, left and center.
According to Kish Island Department Environment, between the months of March and August, on the southern and western coasts of this coral island, huge turtles come out onto sandy lands to lay their eggs. These beaches provide tourists the opportunity to view these giant turtles swimming facing the waves back into the azure sea. These kind of experiences are one in a life time chance. Leap at the opportunity and arrange an excursion to Kish Island beaches to picture of the turtles hollowing out holes to nest their eggs under observation of park rangers with safe space.
Do you know a tourist who could possibly say no to experience these water sports or watch gorgeous and outstanding fish and mammals?


•    Biking
There is a beautiful path snake bike road which is independent of car roads. This 47-mile-long road is really popular because it is an easy way to find serene and secluded beaches and enjoy all breath taking views around vicinity and stop and take reminiscent pictures with spectacular backdrop of Persian Gulf’s crystal clear water. Doing exercise in open marvelous air and sightseeing are the best of both world.



•    Greek ship
You may well hear its name but do not know where it is exactly. The Greek Ship is the given name of a Khouala F, a cargo ship which has been on the coast of Kish, since 1966.
The ship after changing its owner several times finally went offshore of Kish. They hope to salvage her, but it resulted blue in the face, and she has remained in that spot since. To cut a long story short, the Greek Ship is a charming place to watch sunset and sunrise.


•    Marjan Beach
Coral in Persian means Marjan, in accordance of this, this park is named due to its beautiful coral that can be seen there. This park is placed on the east part of Kish. Panoramic views are provided for existence of palm trees and scenery. Panoramic landscaping is one story, but Unforgettable Sunrise is a different kettle of fish.



•    Green Tree Complex
Portuguese Valley is a place in north part of Kish Island which was built around one of the oldest Banyan trees with estimation of around 600 years old. This tree is allegedly said to be a favorable symbol which make wishes come true. If you are looking forward to find your soul mate and believe in superstitious, come here and tie the thread around the thick branches. In this green complex, tourists can put their feet up and chill out and enjoy classical Persian Tea or traditional Saffrony Ice Cream.



•    Kish Dolphinarium Park
For those who are interested in the marine life in general, and in the dolphin, sea lions and whales life in particular, a visit to Kish Dolphinarium Park is a must. A 170-acre park at the southern tip of Kish Island in which tourist not only can enjoy marine life, but also visit various gardens consist of butterfly, pam trees, encalyptus, sacred fig, acacia, myrrh, marshmallow, orchid, benjamins and 25 types of cactus. More than 47 species of disparate birds and other animals are gathered in this bird sanctuary. Tourist might as well spend more than a few hours to visit all parts of this place. Iranian billionaire Hossein Sabet Invested in the complex nearly 12 years ago. Sabet International Trading Company with numerous subsidiaries including Sabet Hotel Group.